Frequently asked questions

What is the first step?

First, we invite potential clients to learn about SASH’s services. You can review our website, call our office with specific questions, or send us an e-mail with your inquiry. SASH can also send a packet of information about our services to you through the mail if you wish.

How do we begin the process?

After you’ve had a chance to learn about SASH, the next step is to schedule a home visit. One of our Client Service Managers will visit the home, to find out about your family’s specific needs and goals, and to answer any questions you might have. We also take this time to view the home so that we can put accurate numbers together for the home sale options. Our goal is to create a home sale that is tailored around you, your plans and schedule, and the services that you would like us to provide.

How does SASH share the home sale options?

After the home visit, the SASH Client Service Manager takes a couple of days to do research, create a budget, and to compile the numbers for SASH home sale options. He or she returns to present this information in person to the decision-makers of the home sale, sharing comparable sales in the neighborhood, and estimated net proceeds from the sale. At this time, SASH home sale options will be presented that have been tailor-made for you.

What does it cost to review these home sale options from SASH?

We have never charged for this service. At SASH, we believe it is important for clients and their families to know all of their home sale options without having to pay for this information.

How much time does SASH give to clients to think over the home sale options?

As much time as they need! Days, weeks, months, or years. We are on your schedule, and we never pressure a decision. If several months go by, we may need to update the numbers to reflect the current real estate market, but the timeline of decision making is entirely up to you.

What happens when a client decides to move forward with SASH?

We draw up an agreement that outlines SASH’s services and responsibilities in the home sale, and sign around all of the documents with our client. A calendar is created that outlines the dates for each step and the services provided. We mobilize the services that we will provide our client. And then we begin!

What if there is a mortgage or reverse mortgage on the home?

The mortgage balance on your home is one of the factors that is used in determining the best home sale options for you. In some cases, the mortgage can be paid off at the beginning of a SASH Managed Home Sale or SASH Purchase. In a Market Listing, the mortgage or reverse mortgage is paid off when the home is sold to a buyer. A SASH Client Service Manager can guide you through your home sale options with this information.

How long will it take to have a SASH Managed Home Sale?

This depends on many factors, including the amount of household items in the home, the scope of updates and renovations, current real estate market activity, and more. The SASH Client Service Manager will provide an estimate, based on how much time he or she believes it will take for your specific home sale.

How does the cash advance work?

Depending on the numbers of the specific home sale, SASH may be able to provide a cash advance from the future profit of the sale soon after we begin the transaction. This is only available with the SASH Managed Home Sale option. Many clients have benefited from this feature of our SASH Managed Home Sale, because it allows them to cover housing costs at their new home, to pay off bills or debt, to pay for care, or to have resources for immediate needs. Ask your Client Service Manager about whether your transaction qualifies for a cash advance.

How does SASH involve the family members and advisors?

The SASH Client Service Manager will find out who is in the homeowner’s circle of care, that they would like to include in the decision making process. This includes local and out of state family members, financial advisors, elder lawyers, neighbors, caregivers, and whomever else is part of the decision making process. Some clients choose not to involve their family in the decision, and we respect their right to do this if they wish.

What happens at the end of the home sale?

It’s an honor for us at SASH to guide our clients through this significant life event. At the end, we ensure our client has received the net proceeds from their home sale. Sometimes our clients would like to see the finished result of the home renovation, and we schedule a walk through to show them. In every case, we work hard to ensure all of our clients’ specific needs have been met, and that SASH has delivered a great home sale experience to everyone involved.

What does SASH charge for its services?

Since every single home sale we manage is unique and different than any other, SASH does not have a “one-size-fits-all” fee for our services. For a standard Market Listing, SASH charges typical real estate brokerage fees. With our SASH Managed Home Sale, SASH receives a small percentage of the net proceeds of the home sale, which is shared and agreed upon at the beginning. In a SASH Purchase transaction, our proceeds come at the end of the sale of the home, and depend completely on the outcome of the transaction.

Each SASH home sale is evaluated by many factors, including the number of services provided to our client, the size of the renovation, financial risks that will be taken by SASH, and more. In every case, SASH’s income is tied to the outcome of the transaction. We are not paid until the home has been sold and our services are complete. Our goal is always to net our clients the highest net proceeds possible, while carefully managing every nickel, and preserving the goals of the sale.